We are here to get at the will of the assembly. This is the only valid reason for holding a meeting.

Henry M. Robert

Purpose of the College


a. to acknowledge attorneys who have distinguished
themselves through contributions to the practice of parliamentary law
and who have committed themselves to high standards of professional and
ethical conduct;

b. to provide a forum for the exchange of information
among experienced legal professionals for the purpose of the advancement
of parliamentary law;

c. to provide educational opportunities for College
members and non-members to discuss, advance, improve, learn about, and
further the members' and the public's knowledge of parliamentary law;


To be eligible for membership in the College,
an individual must be lawyer who supports the purpose of the College. 


In addition, the applicant must have designation as a parliamentarian with proof of significant service and contribution to the practice of parliamentary law through teaching and lecturing, authorship of books, articles, program materials or other scholarly publications, and/or substantial participation in or leadership of professional or industry organizations and committees concerned with the practice or application of parliamentary law.